The SALT Block Foundation (SBF) is responsible for overseeing the operation of the SALT Block and provides the lion's share of the occupancy costs for the residents of the SALT Block: Catawba Science Center, Hickory Choral Society, Hickory Museum of Art, United Arts Council and Western Piedmont Symphony.

The beauty of this arrangement is that the Foundation funds the vast majority of generic building issues - things like utilities, building & grounds maintenance, capital replacement, building management, and security - leaving the resident organizations free to do what they do best: providing the wonderful programs, exhibits, and activities that enhance our area's quality of life.  Learn more about the SALT Block Foundation and how it supports the residents of the SALT Block :  View Video 

Affordable event, party and meeting spaces are also available on the SALT Block.  More information here.

Use the links below to purchase tickets for upcoming events and to learn more:

Catawba Science Center​                         

United Arts Council of Catawba County​       

SALT Stories: Celebrating 100 years of the Arts & Science Center

The SALT Block Foundation proudly presents SALT Stories, a journal that encapsulates a century of creativity, innovation, and human connection through captivating narratives highlighting the transformation from its inception as Claremont High School to its present-day glory.

Click here to view the videos.